02 Aug 2017

A Fun Reminder that PSYDEH is right to Believe All Citizens Possess Talent

PSYDEH knows that laws are based on human rights and are the instruments through which citizens construct what they imagine to be possible for their communities.

We understand that rights come with responsibilities; laws, administrative precedents, rules, policies and customs are only as impactful as citizens make them.

We trust that integrating science, organizing practices, the spirit of rights and the letter of the law lead to sustained development.

We believe that local citizens possess the innate skills, just as any do, to lead our justice-focused work. One need only enjoy this video for evidence that talent distribution knows no bounds!

Para la raza que cree que México no tiene talento aquí les demuestro que el talento no discrimina a quien le toca!

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PSYDEH is a non-profit civil association, which was formed by the initiative of a group of young women from the municipality of Santiago Tulantepec in the State of Hidalgo. PSYDEH is committed to working with and for the most vulnerable communities in the region through the promotion of a Sustainable Human Development.