Citlali Aparicio Estrada

Citlali Aparicio Estrada | Field Corps Leader 

Citlali Aparicio Estrada studied a degree in Community Management and Local Governments at the Intercultural University of the State of Hidalgo. 

She worked at the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples in the area of homes for Indigenous children, and as a community teacher in the telebachillerato system, this last job was a great learning experience for her because she was living in the communities where she worked in, this gave her the opportunity to be part of the community.

She is an Indigenous woman. She writes the Tepehua language, understands it 50%, and speaks it 30% and she’s still in the process of learning it because her parents taught her the Tepehua language when she was a grown girl, because of their fear of being discriminated as an Indigenous woman.

She is a proud Indigenous woman and she is honored to have Indigenous origins. She describes herself as an honest, sensitive, brave, and warrior woman. She is rebellious and passionate about what she does.