20 May 2018

“Fruits of Change” Project Work Continues

Women leaders of the Huehuetla NGO “Nuevo Amanecer” with PSYDEH field consultant Diana Ramírez León

PSYDEH remains in the field pushing for a strong 2018 return on “Fruits of Change” investments.

Our goal? We strengthen PSYDEH and women-led NGO network sustainability while building social capital between and among indigenous women and local, national and global citizens while linking our rights-based, bottom-up empowerment work with short-term economic benefits for women and their communities while continuing to promote their free and informed participation in electoral politics.

The following actions are among those we expect to produce through early 2019:

  1. Experiential learning initiatives, e.g., investing in women leader artisans’ crafts as a vehicle for training on quality control and production.
  2. Form a robust local-based team to support women partners and their NGOs.
  3. Train NGO leaders to:
    • Propose development policies to politicians post-July 2018 elections and
    • Execute their inaugural projects to-be-funded by our first Seed Fund, e.g., a two-phased initiative linking coffee production to indigenous language promotion to youth.
  4. Promote free and informed voting while combatting political violence against women.
  5. Novel story telling training for women leaders and their NGOs.
  6. The 5th in our novel series of regional forums of indigenous women leaders of the Sierra Otomí-Tepehua region.


PSYDEH is a non-profit civil association, which was formed by the initiative of a group of young women from the municipality of Santiago Tulantepec in the State of Hidalgo. PSYDEH is committed to working with and for the most vulnerable communities in the region through the promotion of a Sustainable Human Development.