Isela Asurim Flores Gómez


Isela Asurim Flores Gómez | Field Corps Trainer

Isela is a young Mexican professional and feminist, she is specialized in organizational and clinical areas of ​​psychology. She has a great interest in gender studies and sexuality since her life story and vocation make her an empathetic woman, who identifies with the problems faced by Mexican women. She knows the need and importance that exists in building a democratic society in Mexico, through the training of actors with social commitment, gender perspective, and interculturality.

Her motivation emanates from her love for her sisters and focuses on serving, learning, and sharing with the other, to create an interpersonal symbiosis.

Her collaboration with PSYDEH forms an essential part to boost her motivations in willingly actions and personal growth. He has skills in human resources, psychology, and research, who contribute in an integral way to the team, where their mission as Field Corps Trainer focuses on training leaders social, through knowledge and personal development, to generate impact on the actions they must take to act on the gender factors and create the conditions of change that allow advance in the construction of gender equality and women’s empowerment.