Jazmin Manrique Vigueras

Jazmin Manrique Vigueras | Field Corps Leader

Jazmin is a native speaker of ñuhu (an Indigenous language from la Sierra Madre Oriental). She was born in Mexico City but her family is from the community of San Esteban, in the municipality of Huehuetla, state of Hidalgo.

Jazmin grew up in a rural environment, where coffee, corn, citrus, and backyard animals are produced. She studied basic education in San Esteban, from preschool through high school, where she obtained recognition for school achievement and academic accomplishments, among them, the Convivencia Cultural 2009 and the XII Hispanic Spelling Contest in Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo.

Jazmin studied a degree in Sustainable Development at the Intercultural University of the State of Hidalgo (UICEH).

Living in Huehuetla and Tenango de Doria has allowed her to learn about the dynamics in which men and women develop, the habits, challenges, and problems related to gender, as well as the strategies to support the population’s needs, individually and collectively.

Through PSYDEH, Jazmin sees an opportunity in which we can reach more women in the region, so that they know their rights and implement proposals based on their own notions and opinions, establish effective communication in their native language, and work according to their needs.