Karla Yáñez


Karla Yáñez | Digital Communications

Karla Yáñez lives in Mexico City, she is an economist graduated from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM). Growing up in a big city, it is common to notice economic inequality, so she has always been interested in helping to reduce this problem. This is the reason why she has focused her career on social and human development, especially in the “knowledge economy”, as she believes that quality education is of vital importance for social and economic development and growth.

That is why she is interested in collaborating with PSYDEH, she finds the work of empowering communities, especially women who are the most vulnerable sector in our country, admirable and very important.

One of her projects will be the creation of the Photo Library where she hopes to demonstrate the work of PSYDEH over the years and that people can understand and feel part of PSYDEH through each photograph.

“Something that characterizes us Mexicans is generosity, so I believe that we can all do our bit to improve this country, especially by looking at the most vulnerable communities.”