Bank of America

Why We Partner

Bank of America (BoA) is a multi-national corporation that partners with GlobalGiving (GG), the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for nonprofits. PSYDEH, one of GG’s 3000+ nonprofit partners, was chosen to participate in a 2018 business support collaboration initiative.

Where We Focus Our Efforts

Beginning in late-2016, PSYDEH invested heavily in growing a donor base. We know that our online presence is key to this growth, to connect with new donors, staff, and other collaborators around Mexico and the world. To best use our virtual platform to reach more people and make a more needed impact, we pursued this win-win collaboration.

Ten BoA interns from all around the world (two teams of five people in their early 20-ties) worked on a challenge we submitted for their consideration: How does PSYDEH adapt our messaging and communications to reach potential individual-and institutional donors.

Why it is a Win-win Partnership

BoA wins in at least two ways. This initiative shows how they are socially responsible. Second, their young professionals are given the opportunity to collaborate with peers across the bank’s offices (cross-fertilization) with the aim to strengthen presentation and problem-solving skills when working with a high-performing nonprofit confronting unique challenges.

For its part, GlobalGiving deepens its partnership with PSYDEH, including by helping us to secure more of the resources we need to do better on their platform. Concurrently, they forged needed social capital between its corporate and NGO partners, while also winning income from a corporate partner.

PSYDEH wins by building cachet as a unique grassroots nonprofit capable of creating a win-win with a global outfit like BoA. We also inch ever closer to our goal of becoming a sustainable operation by receiving valuable donated in-kind professional services (one stream) in the form of how we best message potential donors, which helps us to secure more donations from institutional and individual donors (second and third streams).

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