Dentsu Aegis Network

Combining the global media group Dentsu Aegis Network’s (DAN) expertise and PSYDEH’s experience, we worked together in 2018-2019 to produce short-term measurable impact while putting in place more of the foundation we need to sustain this progress.

Why We Partner

PSYDEH was one of two Mexican NGOs, one of 18 across the globe, chosen to work with DAN’s “Route to Good” (R2G) responsible leadership program, produced in partnership with US-based GlobalGiving (GG), the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for nonprofits. 

The R2G program connects high-performing DAN professionals with promising small-to-medium-sized nonprofits like PSYDEH in a model of mutual benefit; the nonprofit benefits from DAN’s expertise, HR and networks, whereas DAN professionals use the collaboration to learn new skills when serving and networking with colleagues from distant offices and practice areas.

Where We Focus Efforts

DAN’s Emily Spiegel (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) and Brooke Bowhay (Charlotte, NC, USA) kicked off the collaboration with a site-visit celebrated in this short film to see who PSYDEH is and how we work. We then negotiated our R2G collaboration at the nexus of Brooke’s and Emily’s expertise and PSYDEH’s needs. To make a short-term impact, we conducted two different test crowdfunding campaigns using their analysis of American donors to foreign nonprofits like PSYDEH, as well as new branding and creative assets like this short video that was reproduced 91,000 times during the campaign.

To make a medium-term impact, Emily and Brooke linked us with their friends at the global video ad-campaign company PIXABILITY, who counseled PSYDEH on how to redesign our YouTube channel and video content on our Facebook pages and website. Moreover, Brooke and Emily delivered a final collaboration report on such matters as ideal online platforms for messaging and target donor demographics, intelligence used in our 2020 web-presence optimization experiment

Why it is a Win-win Partnership

DAN wins in at least two ways. This initiative shows how the company is socially responsible. Second, their top professionals are given the opportunity to collaborate across their global offices (cross-fertilization) with the aim to strengthen their leadership skills when working with a high-performing nonprofit confronting unique challenges.

For its part, GlobalGiving deepens its partnership with PSYDEH, including by helping us to secure more of the resources we need to do better on their platform, while also winning new business from a corporate partner.

PSYDEH wins by building cachet as a unique grassroots nonprofit capable of creating a win-win with a global outfit like DAN. We also inch ever closer to our goal of becoming a sustainable operation by receiving valuable donated in-kind professional services in the area of strategic digital communications, the key to our having a reasonable chance to connect with allies and investor donors across the Mexican republic and the globe.


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