Regional Cooperative


We help indigenous women leaders to incubate their unprecedented Regional Cooperative “Mujeres Emprendedores FECU” because they demand such. The numerous benefits of a well-functioning Cooperative, include:

  • Economic freedom, improved living conditions and local project production funded by the Cooperative and consistent with the women’s development agenda.
  • Increased cooperation among women, particularly in political activities and social gatherings of men and women
  • Strengthened leadership capacities and increased assumption by women members of decision-making authority in families and communities
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All decisions on Cooperative management structure and values will be decided by its members.

Still, as consultant, PSYDEH encourages adoption of myriad principles loosely based on that which is advocated by the International Labor Organization and the following tenets:

  • Fundamental human needs and aspirations are an end in themselves.
  • Capacity-building and empowerment is central to the Cooperative as learning organization and community empowerment tool.
  • Joint ownership and democratic control is vital to the Cooperative.
  • Community-based development is a primary focus; there is a strong link between the Cooperative and the territory and the people working nearby on other matters.

In 2015, we integrated the first 20 members of the Cooperative and its legal board while conducting basic strategic training on the nature of a Cooperative. In 2018, we seek funding for targeted actions needed to solidify the Regional Cooperative’s development.