Mateo Caraballo Pérez-Galdós

Mateo Caraballo Pérez-Galdó| Field Corps Trainer

Mateo is a full-time Spanish collaborator with PSYDEH, who works as a field corps trainer in the co-creation of plans and methods for interventions led by women in rural and indigenous communities in the Otomi-Tepehua region of Hidalgo, Mexico.

Mateo graduated from the European University of Madrid, where he obtained his BA in International Relations and is especially interested in International Humanitarian Action and International Cooperation for development. Prior to PSYDEH he worked on a teacher content development and capacity building education program to minimize learning gaps in India. Mateo states:

“The most gratifying thing about working with PSYDEH is being able to be in direct contact with the women and the communities in the field because every day I learn something new. I love to observe how the different projects grow and develop little by little, generating an impact around them.”

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