Raquel Pozsgai

Raquel Pozsgai | Strategic Communications

Raquel is a PSYDEH collaborator based in Boston, MA, USA, working part-time as a Strategic Communications Consultant. Raquel focuses on Google Ads and Global Engagement in social media to help benefit PSYDEH by getting its mission and cause out to a wider global audience.

Before PSYDEH, Raquel graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Allied Health Sciences. Since graduating she works for a construction company in Boston working in accounting and administration. However, she has always been drawn to the nonprofit sector and giving back to the community. So, when searching for a volunteer opportunity to take on outside of her day job, Raquel was introduced to PSYDEH through a friend working for the org. As she says, “I like the focus it has on empowering women to build sustainable change within their communities and want to be a part of it!” (raquel.pozsgai@psydeh.com)