Valeria Olivares

Valeria Olivares | Social media and Brand awareness

Valeria is a Mexican part-time collaborator based in Puebla, leading our Instagram engagement and brand awareness for the Mexican market. She also innovates a team of women ambassadors using social media to promote PSYDEH’s work with local indigenous partners and women’s voices across the Republic.

Valeria is in her 6th semester studying international relations. Her PSYDEH origin story is a powerful example for all young people. She self-selected herself for her work with PSYDEH by repeatedly, proactively contacting PSYDEH until we responded. Over the course of the subsequent month, we built her own “practica” at the nexus of her passions, abilities, and PSYDEH’s needs. Valeria’s work with PSYDEH revolves around online-information sharing. She uses platforms like Instagram to tell stories, share, and transmit messages to help Mexicans know about PSYDEH’s work, that we are their ally, that women are their own, and Mexico’s ally.

Valeria states, “All people deserve to have access to opportunities that allow them to develop into their best selves. Through informative content on social networks, we seek to consolidate awareness of the work that PSYDEH does and connect women across all the states of the Mexican Republic.” ([email protected])