20 Aug 2017

PSYDEH Continues Global Giving Project By Strengthening Indigenous Women and Their NGOs

Informed by July appreciative inquiry with indigenous women leaders in the Region, PSYDEH continued its work around the second action of our “Fruits of Change” 2016-2017 project funded by global citizens via our collaboration with the US foundation Global Giving:

incentivize our nascent umbrella network (Network) of four local indigenous women-led organizations (NGOs) to problem solve in their extremely poor Otomí-Tepehua region (Region) of Hidalgo, Mexico.

Regional and local Nahua leader drafting the mission and vision statement for her NGO

In late August, PSYDEH began a series of five two-day work sessions, one session per month extending through January 2018.  At the end of this action, each of the four NGOs will have its own vision, mission and values statement, an origin story, graphic design logo and a project plan around which it will fundraise in spring 2018 to produce a pilot initiative solving a local problem consistent with the women’s own Regional Development Agenda.



PSYDEH is a non-profit civil association, which was formed by the initiative of a group of young women from the municipality of Santiago Tulantepec in the State of Hidalgo. PSYDEH is committed to working with and for the most vulnerable communities in the region through the promotion of a Sustainable Human Development.