12 Jan 2018

Second Phase of PSYDEH’s “Fruits of Change” Global Crowdfunding Initiative is Off to a Fast Start

PSYDEH-Non-Profit-NGO-for-Women-in-Mexico-Posts-v013-compressorFresh off first-phase success in their inaugural “Fruits of Change” global crowdfunding campaign with US-based Global Giving (GG), PSYDEH, a top-ranked organization in GG’s network, launched its second phase titled “Seed Fund Indigenous Women Defeating Poverty” in late November 2017.

“This project”, PSYDEH writes,

“complements [our] ongoing work by channelling donor investment into a seed-money fund. This fund incentivizes indigenous women and their nascent network of NGOs to produce four unprecedented, pilot projects to solve local problems across cultural and geographic boundaries in quarters 2 and 3, 2018. Project success is then strategically celebrated in quarter 4 with men and public officials as further evidence on why women are key to driving bottom-up, sustainable progress.”

PSYDEH raised close to $2,000usd in just 2.5 months and has since merged the effort into a year-long campaign to coincide with the early-March 2018 GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign.



PSYDEH is a non-profit civil association, which was formed by the initiative of a group of young women from the municipality of Santiago Tulantepec in the State of Hidalgo. PSYDEH is committed to working with and for the most vulnerable communities in the region through the promotion of a Sustainable Human Development.