Sustainability is paramount: We empower women and their communities to find sustainable solutions to problems by building trust and promoting ownership when engaged as proactive, equal partners.

Local needs and human rights guide our work: Supporting PSYDEH is a direct investment in people working towards their own goals. All collaborations align with human rights and prioritize local feedback.

Intentional transparency: Our organizational goal is to be as transparent as possible by thoughtfully communicating to local and global partners what we do, why, to what end, and with what resources.

Creative impact: We view creative processes and expressions as essential tools for building the relationships needed to make a sustainable impact.

Multi-disciplinary: PSYDEH’s paradigm-shifting work is accomplished by people from all backgrounds. We thrive because of the diversity among our staff, partners, and allies.



PSYDEH is Mexico’s leading grassroots civil society organization that strengthens indigenous, rural, and migrant communities at the convergence of rights and human development.



Ground up, experiential education – that is equity-centered, human rights-based, process-oriented, and relationship-driven – leads to empowered women and communities organizing to sustainably develop the areas in which they live.


Communication: Leading authentically by fostering self-awareness and transparency on needs, plans, and values.

Solidarity: Learning and working in the community to achieve desired results.

Responsibility: Being a force for change by embracing a standard of excellence and promoting responsibility for actions and solutions.

Honesty: Acting with integrity, e.g., act pursuant to commitments; if such is later deemed impossible, we communicate and act on what is.

Respect: Modeling desired conduct by asking direct, empathetic questions and listening for content and emotion on problems to foster dialogue on solutions.

Love: Empowering others to action through choosing to grow our and our partner’s well-being.

These “living” leader values are core to what makes PSYDEH’s work novel. They reflect what women partners believe to be, and science shows to be, keys to sustaining progress. They are ‘living’ because each one is owned through practicing its inherent disciplines. 

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We currently empower marginalized people via three strategies in pursuit of our mission:

Strengthen Citizens & Responsible Governance, e.g., use women-led, rights-oriented workshops to (A) organize peoples’ demand for basic services and homegrown solutions to problems and (B) educate government and citizens, especially women, on the law as well as decision-making and collective organizing strategies needed to improve public authority decision making.

Improve Human Security, e.g., link partners with, or help them develop their own local projects for improving quality of life.

Build Individual and Communal Resilience, e.g., produced events and training to build autonomy and leaders as well as facilitate bonding, bridging, and linking social capital between and among multi-cultural, class and-ethnic partners and Mexican and international citizens.

PSYDEH is an apolitical organization. The women-led organizations we help to incubate are the same. NO FUNDS RAISED through public or private donations are used for direct lobbying of legislative bodies. Yet, we have recently served as Hidalgo’s sole NGO representative to the national board advising the federal agency responsible for indigenous community development policy.