What is Bordamos Juntos?


A social enterprise led by PSYDEH that bolsters

women artisans and their families with direct personal income

through the sales of their handmade embroidered goods,

alongside their leadership training, tools, and support for

the reactivation and sustainable growth of their collectives.


100% of the net profit of your purchase goes directly towards

women artisans and the costs to empower their collectives

in Hidalgo.

Shop the available pieces on our Etsy Shop! And to see more about Bordamos Juntos and the complete collection click here (in case you want to make a special order).

Where does my donation go?

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Bordamos Juntos

How Your Donation Makes An Impact


Our intercultural network includes one regional and four local organizations, all led by indigenous women. These organizations are the foundation for a regional rights-based movement of indigenous women and their rural communities. 


Join us in our efforts to empower local people to produce their own sustainable development initiatives like clean-burning stoves, rainwater capture systems, animal husbandry, or myriad building activities to their own communities.


Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at PSYDEH. Read and help us print our new 186-page narratives e-book, to ensure the stories and challenges of indigenous women confronting inequality reach a large audience and inspire others.