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PSYDEH [see-day] is a majority-women-led Mexican grassroots non-profit organization investing in rural and Indigenous women as local leaders to propel social and economic development in their communities.

Join us in empowering rural Mexico through skill-sharing workshops and impactful volunteer work.

Support sustainable development in rural Mexico with one-time or monthly donations and essential goods.

Create win-win alliances with PSYDEH, empowering communities and driving social change together

PSYDEH’s Story


PSYDEH has fortified relationships with local women and rural and Indigenous communities of Hidalgo, Mexico, and global partners through consistent, collaborative, grassroots programming since 2007.


Engaging women as partners instead of beneficiaries, PSYDEH ensures local needs and demands always guide our work.


In 2022-2024, PSYDEH’s community-led development model fosters personal growth, digital inclusion, sustainable community impact, and women’s social and economic empowerment across Mexico.

Our current programs and initiatives:

Empowering Indigenous women to lead cooperatives and create community impact. Explore their inspiring work.

Digital skills for all – witness the impact on rural and Indigenous women in Mexico. Click here to be inspired.

Discover the beauty of Indigenous embroidery from Mexico. Support women artisans driving social change.

PSYDEH’s Impact

Discover how PSYDEH’s work is shaping communities, empowering individuals, and driving sustainable change in the areas of education, gender equality, and economic development.


participants in PSYDEH workshops


women-led coops and organizations


local impact projects valued at over $3.6 million MXN


digital resource centers in rural Mexico


collective rights-based demands of government


digital resource centers across Hidalgo, Mexico

PSYDEH’s Updates

Stay up to date with PSYDEH’s projects, collaborations and successes.

PSYDEH’s Newsletters

Join our vibrant community and unlock the power of connection, collaboration, and insights that fuel change.

PSYDEH’s Voices

Hear from the Women Shaping Change through PSYDEH’s Collaborative Work and Volunteer Efforts.

We are a family, it’s a beautiful community, we are all here because we want to be and because we believe in making a positive impact and supporting equity.

-Lauren Schloss, PSYDEH Global Collaborators Coordinator

I like that I am constantly working with women. I like that I can see the progress of the members firsthand.

Alejandra Ríos Pérez, PSYDEH Field Program Coordinator

I am proud to belong to a team that believes in the economic, professional and personal development of the women of our region and that above all is walking together with these women to grow together.

-Yaneth Santos Miranda, PSYDEH Cooperative Consultant

PSYDEH’s Partners

A partnership model that fosters collaboration and learning.