Give a $10 gift of education so marginalized indigenous women gain tools to create micro-projects that combat community poverty.

With $25, you can support indigenous Mexican women so they are empowered to lead solutions to rise above the inequality they face.

A donation of $100 teaches mexican indigenous women how to seek ongoing funds to sustain and grow their needed community projects.

Help us support rural people, and their communities, who have been strongly affected by the economic and health downfall of COVID-19.

Help us print our new narrative e-book that features the stories and challenges of indigenous women confronting communal inequality.

Join us for a win-win partnership. Support women in Mexico, while we help you build your brand and transition into a socially responsible corporation.

PSYDEH A.C. is an award-winning Mexican grassroots non-profit organization with national and international reach.

Our needed work links adult leader training and citizen education with human rights-based community organizing and local-led, high impact project production. Our goal? Empower Mexican citizens and their communities to lead the bottom-up, sustainable development of their own marginalized areas.

We currently work together with indigenous women to solve their own local problems in the four indigenous municipalities of the Otomí-Tepehua region of Hidalgo, central Mexico.

Program & Project Film & Video: “Knowing How to Know”, 2018 project with PROSEDE INAI | PSYDEH



Indigenous Adult
Citizens Educated


Solicitations for
Public Information


Local-led Projects
worth $3.4 million pesos


New Women-led
NGOs & Cooperative


Indigenous Women
Regional Public Forums


Collective Demands of
Public Officials


2017- Present

Educate Indigenous Women Leaders to Defeat Poverty

$1,799 usd to go!

This $22,500 USD crowdfunding campaign raises the required funds PSYDEH uses to educate and organize a network of rural indigenous women to help them develop their own marginalized communities.

2018 - Present

Seed Fund Indigenous Women Solving Local Problems

$13,404 usd to go!

This $20,000 USD campaign raises the capital PSYDEH needs to produce our inaugural seed-money fund to help four indigenous-women organizations produce their first capacity-building projects.


Sustaining Impact in Rural Mexico

$11,871 usd to go!

This $15,000 USD campaign raises the capital PSYDEH needs to underwrite our new bilingual female Coordinator of Sustainability who then helps scale organizational capacity to make a sustained impact.


Inspiring stories from women change-makers supported by PSYDEH in Mexico.

Soy como la tierra
Que siempre está activa
Se sobrecalienta al trabajar tanto
Sin embargo, contaba con un poco de hielo
Para tranquilizarse.

Como la naturaleza viva
Soy trabajadora con fuerza, justicia y voluntad
Para lograr lo que quiero para mí y los demás
Tanto como las plantas, la tierra y las personas
Para poder salir adelante con grandes logros.

Soy una mujer alegre, me gusta compartir y servir a las personas de mi comunidad, vivo en la región del Valle, mi comunidad se llama San José del Valle del municipio de Tenango de Doria, en donde se siembra café, aguacate, naranja, plátanos y limón.

(2019) Public Information, Personal Data & Women Participation in Electoral Processes

(2019) Strengthen Indigenous Women Leaders of Network of Local NGOs

(2018) Promote Government Transparency & Personal Data Privacy

(2018) Strengthen Indigenous Women-led Local NGOs

(2017) Combatting Political Violence Against Women

(2017) Strengthening Women Participation in Electoral Processes


COVID-19 in Rural & Marginalized Areas, Episode Five

On May 18, Mexico launched phase one of the Plan for a New Normalcy, the federal strategy for reopening economic, social, and academic life across the Republic. This strategy is built around the government’s premise that COVID-19 has peaked or will soon peak in all areas and continues to focus on these four priorities: Privileging […]

COVID-19 in rural & marginalized areas, episode four

“Now are difficult times where the defense, guarantee, protection, promotion, and diffusion of Human Rights are more necessary than ever.” So says Mr. Javier Jair García Soto, Executive Secretary of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Hidalgo in episode 22 of the magazine ProPersonae. PSYDEH agrees. Adhering to public health contingency plans as we […]

COVID-19 and Hidalgo Elections in 2020

In early April, the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE), through a historic virtual session, suspended different stages of the June 2020 electoral process in Coahuila and Hidalgo due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  INE’s resolution, in the case of the Hidalgo elections in all 84 of its ayuntamientos (city council or municipalities), dictates […]

Inaugural “Young Professionals Corps” Ends Well

On April 15th, PSYDEH completed our inaugural collaboration with the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare and their program “Jovenes Construyendo el Futuro” (Youth Building the Future). The program’s objective is to link people between 18 and 29 years of age with university degrees but no current studies or jobs with companies, institutions, businesses, and […]

COVID-19 in Rural & Marginalized Areas, Episode Three

On April 21, Mexico entered Phase III of its contingency plan to fight COVID-19. Many parts of the Republic have already been under full-or partial quarantine for a month. Pessimism about the future and depression increase, and focus on human rights, social solidarity, and human dignity is spotty. In areas where information is accessible, people […]

Learning with GlobalGiving’s Mexican Network of Nonprofits

Mexican organizations in the midst of COVID-19 search for online mechanisms that give their members, partners, and beneficiaries the knowledge, skills, and perspectives they need to perform at high levels during and post the pandemic. PSYDEH is no different. On April 17, PSYDEH General Coordinator, Jorge Echeverria, attended the GlobalGiving sponsored virtual panel discussion ‘Experiences […]

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Donate $15 USD and get a free coloring e-book of stunning indigenous motifs – for both adults and children alike!

Dona $15 USD y obtén un libro electrónico gratis para colorear con impresionantes motivos indígenas, ¡tanto para adultos como para niños!