Women-led Organizations

Since late 2015, our intercultural network includes one regional and four local NGOs, all led by indigenous women. These organizations are the foundation for an intercultural, regional rights-based movement of indigenous women working with their Regional Cooperative and PSYDEH to implement their own sustainable Development Agenda

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As diagramed (RIGHT), each NGO is independent and legal and yet part of the larger network, with the Regional CSO focusing on cross-municipality solutions to problems and regional pilot projects, and the local CSOs focusing on municipality-specific solutions to problems and local pilot projects. Each is:

  • managed by their respective women leaders who are elected by their peers (using basic majority-rule principles) to sit on their respective boards — president, secretary, treasurer and two alternates,
  • raises their own funds for projects and sets their own strategic directions and goals, and 
  • coached by PSYDEH and invited to train and empowered to share learning and solutions to problems with one another and public officials at periodic public forums.