Siempre Viva

SIEMPRE VIVA | Otomí-Tepehua región

Thanks to PSYDEH’s ongoing Global Giving “Fruits of Change” project funded by private citizens living in 16 countries spread across four continents, the women of the Otomi-Tepehua-Nahua region, Hidalgo and PSYDEH incubate the unprecedented citizen body focused on cross-regional problem-solving. 

This six-person-led NGO includes each of the four women presidents of the municipality-focused NGOs, one alternate woman leader, and one PSYDEH representative in its initial phase of development to help guide its apolitical growth. 

Long term, “Siempre Viva” focuses on

(A) deepening understanding around and sharing their seven-chapter development Agenda, inside the Region and beyond,

(B) representing the Region’s women with leaders and decision-makers at the regional, state, federal, and international levels, and

(C) design, develop and manage region-wide projects consistent with their Agenda.

See below the women’s own words on why this specific logo and their NGO’s mission, vision, values. 


The flower “Siempre Viva” symbolizes mother nature and is found throughout the region. The plant is very important because it is a curative plant used in the treatment of bruises and infections. We choose this plant because like it, we are “always alive,” and we always work to keep moving forward for our families and for ourselves as women. In addition, the name helps us remember that the women no longer with us will remain alive our memories and the work we do.

Forget-me-not”, a second flower found across the Region, represents the work that we do in demanding that we not forget one another and not be forgotten by local or federal governments. We will not be forgotten because we are proud indigenous women. Our work with PSYDEH is based on our rights. We do not demand recognition because we are poor, or women suffering from discrimination or violence, but rather because we, like everyone else, are people with rights deserved of being protected under the law.


Our mission is to generate self-love and to achieve cultural diversity by promoting peace, equality, and inclusion in the construction of a more just world.


regional council of indigenous women logo


We envision ourselves as an organization of women that spreads, with wisdom, the values that we have generated as women leaders to new generations in the Otomí-Tepehua-Nahua region.


Trust, respect, responsibility, honesty, and collaboration.