Nuevo Amanecer Ra ´Da´ Yo Neki


Thanks to PSYDEH’s ongoing Global Giving “Fruits of Change” project, funded by private citizens living in 16 countries across four continents, the Huehuetla-based Otomí women leaders of Nuevo Amanecer Ra ‘Da ‘Yo Neki have created the foundation for future fundraising and project building, i.e., self-sustainability.

Their hand-sketch-inspired logo (RIGHT) complements the below first draft of the women’s self-composed NGO history, organizational poem artistically relaying the “essence” of their work, as well as their formal mission, vision, and values. Work is finalized in 2019.


In late-2014, as women from rural communities of Huehuetla, we were invited to participate in PSYDEH. The workshops we attended focused on human-rights oriented respect, communication, health, violence, the environment, and civic participation as women. We learned that as women we have the same rights but also the same obligations to exercise those rights.

It was a truly new and interesting experience to get to know the other women in our municipality and the region, who could solve problems by really working at them. It was incredible to feel like we were able to achieve something together, for our communities, by fighting and being patient.

We realized that it is important to keep learning in order to be able to help people and to preserve the customs and traditions of our communities. We realized that people want to learn more, to expand their knowledge. And that helped motivate us. And, so, through the first, second, and third regional forums, we women from the communities of San Antonio el Grande, Acuautla, and San Gregorio formed our organization, which we now call Nuevo Amanecer Ra ‘Da ‘Yo Neki.


To be determined.


Our mission is to spread knowledge about our rights as women in our communities since the majority of women do not participate in community activities or politics out of fear of their husbands.


We envision a world in which we are proud of the efforts we have made as women, in which all of our work has been worth it because we have achieved what we propose in our mission through effort, participation, the fulfillment of our promises and support for our fellow women.


Honesty, respect, equality, communication, coexistence, and trust.

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