Mujeres con Futuro

MUJERES CON FUTURO | San Bartolo Tutotepec

Thanks to PSYDEH’s ongoing Global Giving “Fruits of Change” project, funded by private citizens living in 16 countries across four continents, the San Bartolo Tutotepec-based Otomí women leaders of Mujeres con Futuro have created the foundation for future fundraising and project building, i.e., self-sustainability.

Their hand-sketch-inspired logo (RIGHT) complements the below first draft of the women’s self-composed NGO history, organizational poem artistically relaying the “essence” of their work, as well as their formal mission, vision, and values. Work is finalized in 2019.


In late 2015, we, along with women participants from various communities in the municipality of San Bartolo Tutotepec, attended workshops on women’s rights and participation produced by PSYDEH in the town center. We began to invite others from our communities, sharing our experiences and motivating them to participate as well. From this moment, we, the future founders of Mujeres con Futuro from the communities of El Lindero Chico, La Flor de Santiago, Piedra Blanca, and El Nandho, started to understand and develop a plan for how to form our municipal CSO. We learned about how, together with our fellow women partners, we could use the organization to represent the interests of the communities of San Bartolo at the regional and state levels.

In 2016, we were unable to be very involved as an organization, because there was hard work to be done and not everyone could find the time to contribute to meetings and activities. However, we supported each other through the challenges and worked together with INE (the federal election institute in Mexico) to address the issue of women’s political participation. At the mid-2017 third regional forum in Tenango de Doria and fourth regional forum in Huehuetla there was more female participation and involvement and our group has continued to grow.


Mujeres con futuro

Para seguir trabajando

Con una vida mejor

Y para seguir triunfando.


Mujer emprendedora

Sabia, inteligente y voraz

Eres capaz de elevar

La autoestima de los demás.

PSYDEH Non Profit NGO for Women in Mexico Women Organizations v004 compressor


Our organization aims to strengthen the municipality and to help its families overcome challenges, with the goal of achieving a better quality of life and attacking discrimination in its communities.


We envision ourselves as a group that is organized, strong, recognized, and respected, that works to achieve our goals with solidarity between our members and with better living conditions for all.


Responsibility: supporting each other as members of the organization and completing all work assigned by the organization.

Respect: listening and understanding other opinions and situations.

Coexistence: participation in community, organizational, and municipal activities.

Tolerance: understanding, on a personal level, the challenges faced by each member of the organization.