Hogan Lovells

Why We Partner

Hogan Lovells is an international law firm. One of their basic principles is to give back to communities and society through its pro bono activity.

Where We Focus Our Efforts

As a Mexican civil society actor, we are focused on achieving great progress as an agent of sustainable development. Due to our small organizational size and ambitious goals in the field and as an organization, we face complicated challenges related to the legal areas of migration, fiscal, authorized donation regime, and money laundering prevention. Through the collaboration of the global organization TrustLaw, the global pro bono legal program of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Hogan Lovells has supported us to make important progress in these areas in 2020-2021.

Why it is a Win-win Partnership

Hogan Lovells‘ generous investment in PSYDEH, in Mexico’s civil society under attack from the current Mexican federal government shows how they and their Mexican professionals are socially responsible.

For PSYDEH’s part, the alliance has helped PSYDEH to secure long-sought-after status with the Mexican federal agency INM to sponsor select foreign workers we need to raise the resources we need to thrive during this difficult funding climate. Moreover, they help us to understand the Mexican government’s anti-money laundering regulations of which we need to be aware as we increasingly bring in resources from outside the country. Lastly, they help us to create the model boilerplate language we need to successfully secure our status to offer Mexican donors a tax deduction in exchange for their donations to PSYDEH, a status we intend on pursuing in 2022. 

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