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31 Aug 2022

Towards Holistic Program Impact Measurement In Rural Mexico

The need for nuance in evaluating the impact of long-term, education-centric development programs such as PSYDEH’s Impact measurement, evaluation, and reporting are vital yet complex and time-consuming components of any non-profit organization’s (NPO) work. Funders rightly ask organizations to demonstrate positive impact in order to justify continued support; yet, this puts pressure on NPOs to […]

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18 Mar 2022

New Multi-year Tech Programming

PSYDEH is thrilled to announce multi-year programming to innovate a proof-of-concept for integrating culturally appropriate sustainability-focused tech like solar, as well as information and communication technology (ICT) like satellite wifi, cloud tools, low tech hardware into day-to-day operations, and the rural communities in which we live and work. What is the program?  Our multi-year program […]

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12 Feb 2022

A look back at 2021…

PSYDEH increased individual and collective agency and solidarity by doubling down on multi-year field programming as well as resource diversification efforts. COVID-19 & Climate change = Fieldwork Opportunities for Empowering Agency & Solidarity The complicated, rural landscape in which we work grew more so in 2021. COVID-19 and climate change cut access to electricity and […]

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14 Oct 2021

Technology Solutions with Team4Tech

PSYDEH is thrilled to have been selected by the USA-based Team4Tech as one of eight organizations from across the world, their first Mexican partner and only third in Latin America, to join their global community of nonprofit allies. This new three-to-five-year partnership focuses on integrating contextually appropriate technology solutions in our community-led development work, including […]

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22 Feb 2020

Sustain Impact Coordinator in 2020

PSYDEH looks to hire our first Sustainability Coordinator in 2020. As background, PSYDEH was founded in 2007 by four women professionals to serve Mexican citizens while promoting local sustainable human development. Seven years later, we evolved our strategic foundation, e.g., mission, vision, values, and strategic process-oriented directions with the goal of becoming a sustainable enterprise crafting a scalable model to make […]

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05 Apr 2019

Fulbright Mahathi Kumar “ALL IN” as Special Projects Coordinator

PSYDEH is thrilled to highlight the good work of team member Mahathi Kumar, a U.S. Fulbright-García Robles Scholar to Mexico, 2018-2019. An English Teaching Assistant at La Universidad Politécnica Francisco I. Madero in Tepatepec, Hidalgo, Mahathi serves as PSYDEH’s Special Projects Coordinator. Her duties include helping PSYDEH with thought leadership on marketing material design and […]

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24 Feb 2019
Skills workshop for accessing public information

Notes from the Field, Strengthening Rights to Access Public Info & Protect Personal Data

Pursuant to 2018 work promoting the rights to access public information and to personal data privacy, and nationally recognized 2016-2017 work promoting women participation in electoral politics, PSYDEH was selected again by the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) for a 2018-2019 project to sustain and scale impact in this area. We use workshops, community radio spots, action learning exercises, and a regional public forum to […]

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23 Jun 2017

PSYDEH Continues With the National Consejo Consultivo, citizen advisory board to CDI

On June 23, 2017, in Mexico City, PSYDEH, represented by Jorge Echeverria, General Project Coordinator, participated in the 49th session of the Consejo Consultivo, the citizen advisory board to the Comision Nacional Para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas (CDI). There, we discussed with myriad consejeras the agency such important issues as (1) why Mexico must participate […]

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20 Jun 2017

PSYDEH Integrating Rosa María Vázquez as Senior Consultant

PSYDEH understands that bottom-up sustainable development driven by local actors is a long-term endeavor. A key indicator of our program’s impact is the degree to which women use our training and organizing activities to build right’s based pilot projects to solve their own problems. In 2015-2016, women participated in and benefited from 11 projects. In […]

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17 Jun 2017

US Youth Fundraise for PSYDEH’s “Fruits of Change” Crowdfunding Campaign

In the first of two planned actions, and following a PSYDEH staff member’s visit to her high school in May 2017, Kate Taylor, sophomore at Kenston High School in Bainbridge, Ohio organized a June 17 fundraiser outside of an area Walmart to achieve four objectives: SERVE INDIGENOUS MEXICAN WOMEN wanting to do for themselves by raising funds […]

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