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27 Nov 2023

Declaración: 7.º Encuentro Regional de Mujeres Originarias y Rurales

Mujeres sosteniendo redes, el otro feminismo rural. Nosotras, representantes de los pueblos originarios, comunidades y organizaciones sociales de la Región Otomí-Tepehua-Nahua del estado de Hidalgo, México, reunidas en el 7.º. Encuentro Regional de Mujeres Originarias y Rurales de la Región Otomí-Tepehua-Nahua, en el municipio de Acaxochitlán, Hidalgo; después de una jornada de trabajo en conjunto […]

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23 Nov 2023

PSYDEH’s Transformative Journey with GlobalGiving

Author: Brenda Salazar At the beginning of the year, I became a part of PSYDEH as a Global Collaborator, motivated by a deep commitment to contribute meaningfully to their mission. Tasked with assisting their partnerships team in crafting and executing impactful fundraising initiatives. I was specifically tasked to help fortify and enhance their relationship with […]

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04 Sep 2023

Digital Success: PSYDEH’s 2023 Fundraising Impact with Lightful’s BRIDGE Program

In the contemporary non-profit landscape, charities and organizations are constantly striving to understand how best to harness digital tools for impactful campaigns and expanded community engagement. This case study highlights how Lightful’s innovative BRIDGE program empowered PSYDEH with the effective tools and tactics necessary to amplify the organization’s digital strategy and fundraising initiatives. Lightful is […]

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30 Aug 2023

Case Study: MAAUAD

Originating in Hidalgo, Mexico, MAAUAD, a dynamic enterprise spanning three generations since its inception in 1949, passionately crafts an array of custom men’s shirts. Their expertise encompasses traditional guayaberas with artisanal embroidery, refined dress shirts, casual attire, and even denim options. With their meticulous Mexican craftsmanship, they ensure each shirt is a distinctive masterpiece. Driven […]

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25 Jan 2023

2022 Year in Review

In 2022, we took a giant leap forward in our work to make a sustainable impact in the fight against inequality in rural Mexico. This success is thanks to a lot of hard work at the local level as well as unique partnerships with global partners. It is also a reflection of PSYDEH’s intentional evolution as a […]

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09 Dec 2022

Case Study: Local Impact with 3M

Global company 3M makes a sustainable short-and long-term local impact on PSYDEH and our women-led cooperative partners in 2022-2023. 3M program facilitated by Pyxera Global When and who The partnership began in late-summer 2022 when PSYDEH was chosen by 3M and their global nonprofit partner, the USA-based Pyxera Global (PG), as one of only five […]

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12 Feb 2022

A look back at 2021…

PSYDEH increased individual and collective agency and solidarity by doubling down on multi-year field programming as well as resource diversification efforts. COVID-19 & Climate change = Fieldwork Opportunities for Empowering Agency & Solidarity The complicated, rural landscape in which we work grew more so in 2021. COVID-19 and climate change cut access to electricity and […]

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09 Dec 2021
Agency and Solidarity


We are excited about another win in our work to collaborate with allies empowering self-determination across the Americas. The Chacruna Institute of Psychedelic Plant Medicines’ Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative of the Americas program (IRI) chooses PSYDEH as one of only four Mexican organizations for their network of 20 non-profits across the Americas.   The IRI and […]

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24 Jun 2021

New 2020 Annual Report

PSYDEH’s 2020 annual report offers visually strong, narrative-centric reporting on how we navigated a hard pandemic year that reminded us of truths like how long periods of disconnection complicate relationship-centric work. Or, how organizational reorientation over five years ago continues to yield fruit. In 2016, we set out to model a new paradigm for how […]

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20 May 2021

Resource raising in German countries

PSYDEH’s resource-raising strategy continues to bear valuable fruit. Building off of Mexico’s long-standing relationship with German-speaking countries as well as our own history collaborating with German-speaking colleagues, PSYDEH launches our new strategy for target country markets Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Our priority focus areas are crowdfunding, cause marketing, and foundations. Maecenata & In late-2020, PSYDEH […]

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